War for the Dawn (2017) Video 00:07:13

A retrospective video piece relating to HBO's "Game of Thrones" dreams series. An extensive edit investigating the impending doom of the world the show is set in and the prophecies that could help protect the characters from certain death. 

Personal Artwork Projects 


By Carter Hanson



The Way Out Is Through (2016)

Video, 00:06:10


Black holes and their intense gravitational force keep the fabric of spacetime in proper position and help dictate the evolution and deconstruction of our universe.  Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts that every object bends light rays through its gravity. This effect is called gravitational lensing. However, it has not yet been possible to observe this effect near a black hole in a video format. This animation is an abstract representation of what gravitational lensing may look like as we travel closer to a black hole singularity.  The glasses provided for viewing my work bend light rays through a process known as diffraction. This project is a part of my ongoing attempt to translate scientific theories into visual forms.


* please wear diffraction glasses to view the work in its best form

Gravity Expansion (2015-Present)

3D Modeling

Inkjet prints, C4D projects


Gravity Expansion is an ongoing project that attempts to translate scientic theories of how our observable universe may look into abstract three dimensional forms. These models help show how clusters of galaxies have worked together over eons of time to create a cosmic web of interconnectivity held together by the gravity of super massive black holes.

Spectrum & Void (2015)

Video, 00:06:26


A study of color, movement, form ,and light. This abstract animation lets us see how diffraction grating can manipulate the light our eyes take in and make us feel certain emotions or connections to the colors presented. This work was originally showcased at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. 


* please wear diffraction glasses to view the work

Phantasm (2014)

Mixed media sculpture

Glass, acrylic, water, flourescent dye, ultra-violet LED strips, adhesive, electronics (Arduino operated), water pump, plastic, copper


Phantasm is a study of light, gravity, and motion. The mechanism makes water droplets fall down through an array of flashing ultra-violet light. The strobing effect of the LEDs make the water droplets appear at times to be stagnant or even moving upwards.  The way the human eye takes in information is altered on purpose to keep the viewer engaged and confused. 

Deadliest Wars (2014)

Digital Fabrication

3D printed ABS plastic, adhesive


Deadliest Wars is a data visualization project that shows the number of lives lost in the top ten all-time deadliest wars in comparison with each other. The spires coming off the the bullet shaped sculpture are configured to an exact length. That lenght coorelates to the death toll from each war giving the viewer an accurate comparison between the events. 

An Eye for the Blind (2014)

3D Model

C4D project


There have been many theories in science fiction and other mediums over the years as to how we can allow blind people to see properly.  I constructed a 3D model of a fictional prosthetic eye mechaniscm that gives sight to the blind.  It is modeled to scale of an actual human and was digitally fabricated.